Pencil drawings

My pencil drawings are often combined with other illustration styles, please scroll down to see samples. 

I also work in other styles:

I have done a lot of pencil drawings for medical brochures and leaflets.
Samples available on request.

Pencil drawing of a woman by Amanda Lillywhite

A pencil drawing of a hanging in a prison
combined with an image library photo (the foreground woman).
This cover was created for an ebook - The Wild Poppy by Julia Bell.
The man is a pencil drawing coloured digitally.
The scales are vector based and the coin artwork came
from the US mint. All illustration elements were combined
in Photoshop. An illustrated cover by Amanda Lillywhite
for Evgueni Ivantsov's book Heads or Tails.

The crow, cage and wheat are pencil drawings. 
The background is crumpled, tea-stained watercolour paper. 
All elements combined together in Photoshop.
A crow in a cage illustration by Amanda Lillywhite.
Created for Martin Link's music on soundcloud: Elysian.
Life drawing by Amanda Lillywhite

Life drawing by Amanda Lillywhite

Life drawing by Amanda Lillywhite

Life drawing by Amanda Lillywhite

Portrait of a woman by Amanda Lillywhite


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