Thursday 1 December 2022

What Football Job Can You Do? Illustrations for a non-fiction book by Emma Juhasz for Mighty Shepherd Publishing

 My most recent illustration commission has been published!

What Football Job Can You Do? is the third in a series of non-fiction fully illustrated books for children aged six-years-old upwards. The series aims to educate children about jobs they might like to do when they're adults. Other books in the series are What do Vets do? and What do Construction Workers do?

What Football Job Can You Do? has 52 pages of: information about many different kinds of jobs in football; interesting facts about football; information about finding work in football in the UK and some fun activities. It was written by Emma Juhasz and published by Mighty Shepherd Publishing

If you'd like to know more about What Football Job Can You Do? and other books in the series contact Emma Juhasz. What Football Job Can You Do? is published by Mighty Shepherd.

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