Friday 23 September 2016

One Hundred Thousand Jumpers - illustrations for a story about adoption

Front cover for One Hundred Thousand Jumpers by Rachel Braverman
It was a great pleasure to work on illustrations for Rachel Braverman's story about an adopted girl struggling to fit into her new family. The title comes from the theme of the book: Becca's adoptive mum is a keen knitter. The front cover is above and the first of the five black and white illustrations that appear on the story pages is below.
Becca is feeling unsettled in her new home and can't sleep.
The book is not yet in print, I'll update this post when it is. If you'd like further information about it you could contact me via this blog.

Tuesday 20 September 2016

Comic making workshops for teenagers and adults at Barking Learning Centre, London

A poster about reading and the process of making of comics to promote workshops in Barking learning centre.
My poster for the workshops - feel free to print it off or share it.
From October 22 to November 26, on Saturdays from 11.30am to 1pm, I'll be leading a series of six workshops for teenagers and adults on the process of making comics.

Participants will be creating characters, storylines, worlds and scripts then they will make their own story in comic form. Beginners are welcome and you don't need to be good at drawing, I'll give you some tips to make the most of your skills. You might decide to make a comic strip, a zine or to start a graphic novel - the skills we'll be exploring apply to all formats of telling stories. If you need it you can have help coming up with a story idea. If you have created a comic before please feel free to bring it along.

We'll also be looking at the wide range of comics, zines and graphic novels already published. I'll bring along some from my own collection and will show the group books from the library.

The workshops are suitable for people who've never attempted to make a comic and/or with little experience of reading them. They are also suitable for those who've tried to make a comic and would like to develop their skills. This will also be an opportunity to meet people that share an interest in comics.

I'm an enthusiastic reader of comics, zines and graphic novels and occasionally write about some of my favourites on my Sequential Art blog. I started my creative career as a graphic designer then became a freelance illustrator and writer. I make comics such as Duck and Bear (a story about an illustrator and a writer). I am currently working on a graphic novel for adults based around the murder of my great grandmother and a commission for three illustrated stories which will be published in a book for children.

The workshops are free and materials will be supplied, if you'd like to come along please make sure to register at Eventbrite. The workshops are part of the LBBD Pen to Print festival. As mentioned before there are six workshops but you don't have to come to all of them or could try one and see how it goes.

If you have any questions you can contact the library by email or phone 020 8724 8722. You could also send a message to me via this blog or Twitter or Facebook (though do friend me first to make sure I receive it).

If you've missed the first couple of workshops but are interested in coming along to any of the others contact me one the links above.