Thursday 3 September 2020

What do Vets do? Illustrations for a non-fiction book by Emma Juhasz for Mighty Shepherd Publishing

What do vets do? by Emma Juhasz illustrated by Amanda Lillywhite

What do Vets do? is a non-fiction fully illustrated book for children aged six-years-old upwards. There are 48 pages of: information about the kinds of vets there are and the equipment they use; interesting facts about animals; information about how to become a vet in the UK and some fun activities. It was written by Emma Juhasz and published by Mighty Shepherd Publishing.

While working on this project I learnt a lot about animals including the fact that elephants can swim. 

Swimming elephant by Amanda Lillywhite

And gorillas sometimes need a dentist.

And what different kinds of vets do.

What do Vets do? is the first in the series of books for children about the kind of work they might like to do when they grow up. The second book in the series What do Construction Workers do? is soon to be published.

If you'd like to know more about What Do Vets Do? and other books in the series contact Emma Juhasz. What Do Vets Do? is published by Mighty Shepherd.

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