Plans, worksheets, information and notes ready for Comics Club at Carnegie Library. The poster I created to publicize the workshops is on the front of the folder. Read about it on my blog.

Click on the links to see posts about the following types of workshops:

Collaborative community comics such as the all ages 10 metre long "Our Environment" comic I led at Carnegie Library in London SE24.

Themed comic making sessions such as "Big Cats" at TOMS community outpost. This type of workshop is great for any age group but works particularly well when young children are taking part.

Creating a character workshop read about the session I led for CWISL's ShoutWest! festival.

I also give talks such as this one to Level 2 students at Lesoco college.

My workshop ideas are adaptable and inclusive, get in contact if you'd like to discuss how they could work for you. I can be contacted via this form or my social media links.

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